Amandine Urruty

Amandine UrrutyAmandine UrrutyAmandine Urruty

Après quelques années d’études et une brève carrière dans la chanson française underground, Amandine Urruty décline aujourd’hui son bestiaire et sa galerie de personnages intrigants sur toutes sortes de supports.
Tour à tour affichiste, illustratrice ou peintre sur corps pour Philippe Katerine, elle se consacre parallèlement à la rélisation de sa première bande dessinée, “Papatte”.
Armée d’une solide technique de dessin, Amandine nous dévoile une joyeuse galerie de portraits déviants, alliant costumes grotesques et décorum baroque, qui réconcilient miraculeusement les amoureux de la symbolique alchimique et les jeunes filles trop maquillées.
Car Amandine construit ses images comme l’on erre dans les allées d’une brocante dominicale, empruntant aux forêts de bibelots comme aux jouets défraichis leur ambivalence fondamentale, tour à tour féroces ou apaisants, décoratifs ou encombrants.
En résulte la célébration d’un chamanisme de comptoir où les objets s’animents au coeur de petites saynètes puériles et perverses, qui ne sont pas sans rappeler l’oeuvre des tenants du surréalisme de pointe Mrzyk & Moriceau, mais aussi Jérôme Bosch, Ulysse Aldrovandi ou pourquoi pas quelques princesses du graffiti féminin…

Bethany Marchman

Bethany Marchman Bethany Marchman Bethany Marchman

born 1974, Winter Park, FL. Marchman’s first year in college was spent at Columbus College of Art and Design. She then transferred to the University of Georgia whereupon graduation, moved to Atlanta where she worked as an illustrator and storyboard artist until deciding to focus solely on her painting. In 2006 she opened underground art gallery, Rabbit-Hole Gallery, with partner Joe Cruz.

Marchman’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the country and internationally, as well as in notable art fairs. Using traditional oil painting to portray popular/ kitsch culture with themes of childhood and innocence Marchman draws on influences all the way from comic books, classic toys and retro/ paranoid advertising to cheese cake/pin up sex kittens from the 1950s/1960s. In the artist’s words, “I’ve tried to distill it all down to what I find to be the most interesting and honest things for me to paint – and to paint.”

“Marchman’s paintings pull Margaret Keane’s pictures of giant-eyed children out of the kitsch yard sale pile. Steering a tawdry middle course between Mark Ryden and Lisa Yuskavage…” Phil Oppenheim Art Papers Magazine 07/01/2004

-excerpts of bio from Skot Foreman, Skot Foreman Fine Art LTD.

“While Marchman’s work is coyly amusing, her work invites the viewer to share her wry understanding of modern life’s often clichéd icons”

-Micaela Gallery”


Cesko Cesko Cesko

Born in Rome on the 15th June 1973. I’v started drawing a the age of two and I’ve never stopped since then. When I had 10 years I hunted lizards and I drawed them. I red comics and hunted lizards, I always loved lizards. I have always had an attitude to destroy things, above all those created by me. I love miniaturizations, toys, small things and, above all, the mix of disomogyenic elements. And Bugs, and insects.

Chris Bonobo

Chris BonoboChris BonoboChris Bonobo

Chris Bonobo AKA Chris Bonobo born in 1973 lives and works in a swamp near La Rochelle (France)Except singing and comedy he touches everything, drawing inspiration from old erotic imagery, from nature and sharp and blunt objects.

Chris Coppola

Chris Coppola Chris Coppola Chris Coppola

Born in spring, 1967 or maybe it was 1977?
Found a camera in a dark and desert street in Paris in 1992.
I love to take pictures as selfportraits of others people, stranges and
delicate situations, young women really naker or totally with nothing
else than their clothes, japonism in photography, misicians and posers
on stage, stranges stuff as “matieres”, some love and some hate, etc…
A very lot of exhibitions worl wide and the Tokyo Girls project which
will be a damn good f***ing thing! Editor in chief of the revue who
everything a.k.a. Rise Tattoo Magazine, free-lance intense photographer
and journalist for Sugar Skateboard Magazine, Thrasher France and Wild
. I’m not a thug but at last I fight with “panache” and
brutality against my drums into the incredible punk rock doom hardcore power
headbang biing splashtch, yaaargh! eeeeeeeeeeiii…. boom band:
El Justiciero is the name. What else? oh yeah, that’s all.



I was born on May 8, 1981 in the south from France in Toulouse (say ” to lose”).
I live now in Brussels (Belgium).

My principal centers of interests are: mexican folk art, primitive art, carnival art, freaks, tattoo artists, pin-ups and burlesque show, dollstoyz, old papers, wallpapers, music from 50’s and 60’s, dark psychedelic, new wave and garage music, rock n’roll, taxidermy, surrealism, mysticism, vintage, religious art, crucifix, candy, chocolate, my first monster…CHOUCHOU !!!
and my hero webmaster lover photographer…ROSSTABLA !!!

David Choquette

David R. Choquette David R. Choquette David R. Choquette

is a 27 years old Montreal based tattooist. He’s intriged by the sense of discomfort that physical abnormalities cause. His portraits, often miniature, are esthetic counter type to the popular standards. Obsessing over every square inch, he creates strange atmosphere where uglyness and beauty are hard to dissociate. With sharp details, he try to communicate the sensibility of is inner world. “Setting down to work, inever know what the hell will come out. The only thing that’s for sure, the Devil is in the details!”.

Elena Rapa

Elena Rapa Elena Rapa Elena Rapa

She was born in Fano on 31st October 1978, she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and Rome, then a scholarship in Bologna as an Advertising Graphic Designer.

She’s been finishing a postgraduate course for Geometric Design and History of Art teaching.

She’s been collaborating ever since with TeatroRebis in Macerata by looking after the graphic section and has produced covers for musical CDs, with bands of the Italian jazz-core background such as Neo, Udus, Miranda and Squartet.

She’s been looking after the artistic sector of Meringhe Rosa /Dolci incontri diabetici Festival; yearly, on this occasion, she gathers all her friends and artists who she’s lived and collaborated with in her village Lucrezia.

Giuliano Sale

Giuliano Sale Giuliano Sale Giuliano Sale

Born in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) on 1977 he graduated at artistic high school. from 2001 to 2005 he had a regular collaboration with the “Man Ray cultural centre” of Cagliari. his own personal style has a clear imprinted figurative attitude that draws origin from the American POP Surrelism and the Italian New Gothic . Its works can be found also in italy, at: Cultural association ARSPRIMA (ME) and K-Gallery, Legnano (MI). He lives and works in Milan.

Jenny Bird

Jenny Bird Jenny Bird Jenny Bird

In my work I like to explore the complex interconnectedness of opposites as seen through the prism of myth, fable and fantasy. Visually my paintings have an initial sweetness, you first see the palette, this is the sugar coating, ‘the spoon full of sugar that helps the medicine go down’. Once you enter the painting that’s where the sweetness gives way to a darker side, the brutality and decay lying quietly beneath beauty and nature, that of the natural world as well as human nature. I am interested in what is ‘underneath the pretty’, I am trying to dig that stuff up and the character in the painting is the medium revealing those bits of flesh and bone.

I have always been a daydreamer and get many of my ideas during that state of semi-consciousness. My inspirations come from a wide variety of sources including fairytales and fables, mythology, the flora and fauna of the natural world and freaks of nature, melancholy and classical music, long road trips to the middle of nowhere and the surprises found along the way, oddities, Victorian fashion, folk art, costuming, creepy religious statues and paintings, Symbolism, carnivals, trips down memory lane, broken dolls and objects out of place. As well as all the beautiful and sad things that could not exist one without the other, life and death and the veil in between.

Lina Stingsson

I was born in the Swedish countryside where I stayed until I finished my high school media studies. I moved to Amsterdam in 1997 and spent 4 years studying free art at the Rietveld academy. After my graduation I started an apprenticeship as a tattooer. I’ve been tattooing for 5 years now and am enjoying work in a cosy professional studio in the city centre. I got much of my inspiration for my art from the tattoo world, and I’m finding myself making motives of tattooed ladies, old times circus life and scenes from the animal kingdom.

Lorenzo Lupano

Lorenzo LupanoLorenzo LupanoLorenzo Lupano

born in Rome in 1970, creates
with wood, felt and wool or cotton crocheted
that, in spite of the delicate and playful appearance,
reveal deep and subterranean meanings and messages.
His preliminary acrylics studies
cannot be set aside his work
but at the same time they keep their own artistic autonomy and the charm of artwork itself

Madame Gruiikk

Madame GruiikkMadame GruiikkMadame Gruiikk

Mme Gruiikk was born in France in 1973 and has been displaying her mess for 15 years.

She moved to Belgium and lived there for 10 years. That’s when she set up Gruiikk production, and the fanzines Merdocul and Tampix.

Of course, she was kindly surrounded by stupid and talented friends

She came back to France in 2002 and has been going on with her exhibitions in various places: squats, bars, galleries.

Her imaginary world is very colorful, influenced by tattoos, women, love, nature, pornography, kitsch ; but of course with a certain degree of satire and silliness.

One year ago, she started launching her tiny-mini fancy handbags factory : Disco Monkey.

And the story goes on…

Marco ” About” Bevivino

Marco “About” Bevivino Marco “About” Bevivino Marco “About” Bevivino

Disegnare mi piace un sacco, su qualsiasi supporto, dalla carta al legno fino a materiali riciclati che trovo per strada.
Ogni tanto sperimento nuove tecniche perchè mi annoia fare sempre le stesse cose, per questo non
penso di avere uno stile ben definito che si possa racchiudere in una parola. In questi anni mi è capitato di
far vedere le mie produzioni spesso in giro, tra mostre, spazi web, ecc…la cosa è gratificante, ti
spinge a migliorare sempre un po. Lavoro con degli amici ad un progetto chiamato “Redeyestudio” che si occupa
di grafica e web in tutte le sue sfumature.

Maurizio “Bombo” Santucci

Maurizio “Bombo” Santucci Maurizio “Bombo” Santucci Maurizio “Bombo” Santucci

Bombo! (Maurizio Santucci) lives in Tuscany, Italy. He works as an
illustrator and writes and draws comic book stories. As he suffers
from a morbid fear of death, he hopes that he doesn’t die right now.

Mimi Traillette

Mimi TrailletteMimi TrailletteMimi Traillette

lives in Montreal where she co-runs the underground art gallery Usine 106U. Her principal activieties are listening to rock music while yelling out loud over it, sewing octopus plushies and drawing dumb things.She also tries to play bass in Les Necrophiliacs -she just passed the Sid Vicious level.Sometimes she has too many beers and her hair hurts the next morning. But lucky her, she got a good training when she lived in France



was born in genova (Italy)in 1977
She start drawing in the eary days of her youth. she put her energies in artistic studies for about 8 -10 years…high school for art and art academy she finished the academy period after studying 4 months in Groningen having her first collective painting exibition in the Minerva Academy. She started tattooing in 2000 and she gave the thesis in the Art Academy of Genova in 2002 after the dutch experience and she gain the max of the marks. After this she went on tattooing and painting and she move to Rome for a while.
in 2004 tattoo life n°28 published a 6 pages article about her paintings and her works were been exposed in Rome ,Genova and Amsterdam.

in 2005 she open her own tattoo studio in Italy
and she showed some of her paintings at the fancy Mondo Bizzarro Gallery of Rome, for the group show called Apocalypse Paintings. in 2006 she take part to a group show exibition about the body and in june 2007 she participated to the group exibition on the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach(Ca) for the Ink and Iron Tattoo Fest. in january 2008 four of her paintings are shown at the Art Shake exibition in Termoli (Italy)



jean luc navette né en 1975 a lyon
illustrateur tatoueur et “chanteur de charme”
tatoue depuis 2001
2003 ouverture de vivadolor
depuis divers expos,affiches serigraphiées en collaboration avec brazos negros et l atelier du grand chic
a publié “creve”,(editions blackcatbones) apres divers fanzines
officie au sein de “a promiseis a promise to a person of the world” groupe musical metzin(desperate love songs &murder ballads)
influences:robert johnson,joe coleman,john lee hooker,gun club,joel peter witkin,thomas ott,tom of finland,unsane,tom waits,hank chinasky,tobe hopper,sergio leone,jim thompson,denis hopper,motorhead,sacha &bebert,skip james ,bessie smith,barnum,satanik,james bond,jean pierre marielle,lino ventura,charles burns,sophie haza,robert crumb,caravage,jesus christ,blue demon,dead boys,patrick dewaere,mc5,and…….nicoz balboa

Nicoz Balboa

Nicoz Balboa Nicoz Balboa Nicoz Balboa

Nicoletta Zanchi aka Nicoz aka Nicoz Balboa was born in Rome. She now resides in France, where she is the founder and director of the True Hate Gallery in La Rochelle. Her comics and illustrations appeared in various magazines such as Target Magazine, RUGGED (the Carhart magazine), Stripburger, Look De Book and on online magazines, Ideafixa. Her solo comic-album, LUNATICA is now on Nicoz often collaborates with different rock bands and designs rock-posters (Unsane, Motorama, the Normals, the Intellectuals, Bloody Hollies, the Smackdown to name a few). She also participated in group exhibitions at MFGallery of New York, Head Quarters Gallery of Montreal, at the “ Dirty Show” in Detroit, and at the Roman, “ SKULLS OF ROME” organized by DRAGO editions. Nicoz held a solo show at the Toast Gallery and at the Tribal Act Gallery in Paris.

Olimpia “OZ” Zagnoli

Olimpia “OZ” ZagnoliOlimpia “OZ” ZagnoliOlimpia “OZ” Zagnoli

OZ was born in 1984. OZ is a bambino in incognito. OZ loves Picasso and the Ramones. OZ works as an illustrator. OZ means Olimpia Zagnoli. OZ would like to become a rockstar.

Peggy Van Reeth

Peggy V ReethPeggy V ReethPeggy V Reeth

I was born in 1971 in Tournai (northern Belgium). I studied Textile
Design (1990-1994) at the Beaux-Arts(1990-1994).
I like it when my sculptures/dolls are pretty, yet intriguing with
something a little strange. The circus, freaks, siamese sisters are my
favorite themes, but I also like to work on the passage of time, on the
wearing away of things…. I like to wear materials down to the thread,
to mere fiber. I like to mix materials, recycle.. I like to use whatever
I kind find.

Ryan Myers

Ryan Myers Ryan Myers Ryan Myers

is a working fine artist. His playful, somber paintings grew out of an obsession with Pee Wee Herman and the bad children from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. When not creating little scenes of contempt where sadness is masked in pinks, greens and blues, he resides in New York with his wife, dog and a spiteful lovebird.

Sergio Mora

Sergio Mora Sergio Mora Sergio Mora

Sergio Mora is an artist living in Barcelona. His work has been categorized as Pop Surrealism. Although he is young, he has had a fair amount of success. His work has been published and exhibited in galleries around the world. Recently, his work has appeared in the prestigious Los Angeles gallery “La Luz de Jesus”. He has collaborated with famous Spanish musicians to make videos, album covers, posters and more.

He creates a magical dream/child like universe.

Serpe In Seno

serpe in senoserpe in senoserpe in seno

Long Life To SerpeinSeno!

Silvia Argiolas

Silvia Argiolas Silvia Argiolas Silvia Argiolas

Born in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) on 1977 he graduated at artistic high school. from 2001 to 2005 he had a regular collaboration with the “Man Ray cultural centre” of Cagliari. his own personal style has a clear imprinted figurative attitude that draws origin from the American POP Surrelism and the Italian New Gothic . Its works can be found also in italy, at: Cultural association ARSPRIMA (ME) and K-Gallery, Legnano (MI). He lives and works in Milan.

Sunny Buick

Sunny Buick Sunny Buick Sunny Buick

was born in British Columbia, Canada in a small cabin in the woods. She was then raised in California by a single hippy mother, who always encouraged her creative spirit. Finally arriving in San Francisco at age fifteen after years and years of constant displacement, she finally felt at home. The next year she decided to become a tattoo artist after meeting some influencial misfits. Many years later after finishing college she gained a tattoo apprenticeship with Henry Goldfield and it was in North Beach, not too far from where Lenny Bruce fell out of his hotel window that her career was started. Her work is heavily influenced by tattoo imagery which has become a symbolic language in her work.

Sunny started exposing her paintings around the same time as she started tattooing. She has appeared in several art books like Vicious, Delicious, Abitious about female artists in the lowbrow scene, also in Beatsville put out by Gallery Outré. In San Francisco she participated in the Mexican community ritual of making Day of the Dead installations, in museums and galleries including the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. In 2003 she organized a massive group art show and catalog called “Sci-Fi Western”. She’s written for Juxtapoz and several tattoo magazines. She was photographed by the french artists Pierre et Gilles. She currently lives in Paris where she daily finds inspiration and lives out her artistic dreams.



she studied art in Angoulême, France, for 6 years, where she became aware of the cost of producing art. So she decided to return to drawing, which she had always loved since she was a tiny girlie. She drew and drew and drew some more and finally decided that she wanted to draw for a living. Now, Tanxxx lives and works in Bordeaux, but is not content to specialize in any one particular art form, preferring to express herself in many different forms, exploring comics, posters, illustration, and any other avenue that peaks her interest, humor or anger. Tanxxx allows herself to explore many facets of artistic rigmarole in order to make fun work and to make work fun. Her first comic, Rock, Zombie ! was published by “les Requins Marteaux” this year.

Turf One

Turf Turf Turf

Turf One is somewhat obsessed with Victorian-looking midgets sporting dandy facial hair, Russian icons, dead things of all sorts, carnival sideshows and seedy vermin-infested theatre stages. Technically, his paintings are reminiscent of the 15th century Flemish Primitives.

Kind of.

Jean Labourdette, as his mom still likes to call him, has forged a unique artistic vision and signature aesthetic over years of compulsive creation. In the late eighties he began his journey on the streets of Paris as a graffiti artist renowned for his distinctive and surreal characters. Over the years, Jean evolved into a prolific multidisciplinary artist working as an illustrator, comic artist, filmmaker and painter. Today, he spends most of his time painting in a messy studio that Bacon would have been proud of, sipping on espressos and beer and talking to himself.

His paintings have shown in galleries around the world including in Paris, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Rome, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. He has created art for clients such as Kanye West, Sony Music, Universal Music, the Canada Council for the Arts, Pound magazine and Le Cirque du Soleil.



Entrez dans le Mondo Vullo, cocktail psyché-rétro, kitsch et chic et rigolo…

Une quinzaine d’années à jouer avec ma petite souris m’ont permis de donner une nouvele vie numérique à mes petits gribouillis d’enfant.

Les pin-up élancées côtoient les carrosseries chromées, les crooners de quartier tout gominés et les petits chiens-saucisses enragés.

Attention, traits acérés et couleurs vitaminées!

Wei “Kokomoo” Yan

kokomoo_wei yankokomoo_wei yankokomoo-wei yan

i am a quiet person, i am always the one who stays in the corner on the party. but with real friends, i am quite talktive. i don;t want to say too much about myself, i think people can get the idea what kind of person i am from my works.