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Marco “About” Bevivino

Marco “About” Bevivino est un illustrateur italien. Après avoir commencé comme illustrateur pour affiches de concerts et couvertures de disque mais aussi avec des expos (entre autre à la True Hate Art Gallery ou chez  Mondo POP de Rome)  maintenant il collabore aussi pour Straight To Hell le mythique atelier de sérigraphie romain. il a joué aussi dans le band punk-rock Think About et depuis 2009 il a un duo  avec sa fiancé  (ukulélé+voix) qui s’appelle Pasta e Patate.

Marco “About” Bevivino is an Italian illustrator. He had begun as illustrator for gig posters and albums covers  but also with exhibitions (among others True Hate Art Gallery and  Mondo POP of Rome) now he collaborates too with Straight To Hell the mythical roman screenprinting studio. He also played in punk-rock  bands as Think About and since 2009 he plays in a duo with his  fiancé  (ukulele+voice) and they’re called Pasta e Patate.



Lorenzo Lupano on

Lorenzo Lupano’s video “Senza titolo (segmento 1)” that was projected here at the  true hate art gallery douring his exhibition “tendre torture“, is now on the art website and if you miss it douring the show or you just want to see it again, you could click here and take a bunch of a “tendre torture” right in your face.

i’d like to embed-it but i think is not possible, so you just have to go to the link to see it