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Sweet Streets

Gallery Nucleus Presents
September 11, 2010 – October 04, 2010
Opening Reception: September 11, 2010 (7 pm – 11 pm)

Alhambra, CA – Gallery Nucleus and Caro are pleased to once again present the much anticipated art and fashion event Sweet Streets. Last year’s hugely successful event attracted hundreds of art and fashion enthusiasts.

This year, over 70 artists spanning the globe were invited to create 2D and 3D works where Japanese street fashions serves as the inspiration. This resulted in over 100 original works of art that are vibrant, exciting, playful, and diverse – evoking much the sentiments of those infamous Tokyo streets.

From delightful kawaii plush dolls to whimsical drawings and realistic paintings, there will surely be something to inspire everyone. Alongside artwork, attendees will be treated to an evening filled with fun activities and features. Including a fashion show by the sensational Japanese fashion brand 6%DOKIDOKI, music spun by Tune in Tokyo – featured in LA
Weekly’s 2010 People Issue, live model figure drawing, raffle drawings, free refreshments, food trucks and more.

Additionally, fashionistas can get their shopping on with featured pop-up shops by So So Happy, 6%DOKIDOKI, and Chubby Bunny Accessories, not to mention Nucleus’ own stock of unique Japanese art books and products.

Opening Night Features:

  • Raffle drawing with prizes provided by SoSo Happy, Sugarpill, Bubblepunch, & more.
  • Dj sets by Tune in Tokyo and Sebastian Masuda.
  • Pop-up shops by So So Happy, 6%DOKIDOKI & Chubby Bunny Accessories.
  • 6%DOKIDOKI fashion show.
  • Live drawing session with 6%DOKIDOKI models and featuring Japanese artist EIMI live drawing.
  • Free refreshments and snacks served.
  • CoolHaus and Grilled Cheese Truck serving up the sweet and savory.

For more information, please see:

FEATURED ARTISTS: ( artists in attendance = * )

Adolie Day
Ahren Hertel
*Aimee Steinberger
Akira Ebihara
Alessandra Fusi
Amandine Urruty
Amy Sol
Andrea Innocent
Andrew Brandou
Anna Chambers
Bei Badgirl
Bethany Marchman
Brian McCarty
Bwana Spoons
Chris Mitchell
*Chubby Bunny
d’Holbachie Yoko
*Danni Shinya Luo
Dominique Fung
Esther Kim
Fawn Fruits
Fawn Gehweiler
GF Leroy
Griselda Sastrawinata
Harley + Boss (Nathan Jurevicius & Andrea Kang)
Harmony Gong
Hiromi Sato
Inge Cornil
Irene Yuen
*JAW Cooper
Julie West
Kali Fontecchio
Kat Cameron
Kayo Tamaishi
Kelly Vivanco
Kira (
*Kristen Lester
Lesley Reppeteaux
Lisa Alisa
Mari Inukai

Martin Hsu
Megan Brain
Mijn Schatje
Misa Tsutsui
Mizna Wada
Nicoz Balboa
Ryo Nakagawa
Sam Gibbons
Stella Im Hultberg
Sunny Gu
*Tansy Myer
Tessar Lo
Thomas Han
Tiffany Liu
Travis Lampe
Veronica Hebard
Yosuke Ueno
You Byun
*Yume Ninja
Yuta Onoda


sur son site on peut lire:

En utilisant le sable coloré, Naoshi dessine des gens  peu réalistes vivant dans un monde bien réel
En peignant pensées quotidiennes et émotions comme la joie, le bonheur, la peine ou l’anxiété.
En ramassant du sable de ses mains, elle dit que chaque jour passe comme les grains de sable qui tombent librement par ses doigts.
Naoshi fait son art en espérant qu’elle puisse vivre chaque jour brillant  comme ce sable coloré.

et sur son site vous pourrez trouver un d tuto pour faire du suna-e. essayez à la maison ;)

on her website you can read:

Using colorful sand, Naoshi draws unrealistic people living in a real world
portraying everyday thoughts and emotions such as joy, happiness, sorrow,
and anxiety.
Scooping up some sand with her hands, she says each and every day flow
by like grains of sand that falls freely through her fingers.
Naoshi makes her art wishing that she can live every day bright and shiny like
this colorful sand.

and on the website you could find a tutorial to make suna-e. let’s try it at home ;)